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I am not a guitar store! This is just a serious hobby.
I am sure your wondering how to pronounce the name "Xhefri." It is simple—it is Albanian for "Jeffrey." I am not Albanian, but I was there right after the collapse of Communism and I was shown how to spell it in their language. Thought it was cool so I have been using it ever since!

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I have sold guitars to pro-players, and song writers, such as David Loggins, Steve Cropper, Luke Fitton was the guitarist with  X Factor for Simon Cowell and who toured with Kylie Minogue a few years back, and Ketil Stokkan, award winning recording artist in Norway. Also a lot pro-musicians, as well as home pickers and collectors.

This site is dedicated to: Fender Stratocaster Plus,  Strat Plus Deluxe and the Strat Ultra Guitars.  Over the years I have owned several hundred. Also the Fender Made in Japan (MIJ) and Crafted in Japan (CIJ) Strats and Teles such as: Foto Flames, Stratocasters, Custom Fender Deluxe Teles, Re-Issues, Jerry Donahue Signature Telecasters and Tele Thinlines. There are a few other guitars you might be interested in looking at too! (Like collectable Gibsons and other special interests.)

Check out this page for: USA/MIJ/CIJ Fender serial numbers, history, and dates. This sight is under continuing construction!!! Hey, Don't critisize my missplellings!!! I have a lot more guitars and information I am continually putting on this site!

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DadPlaying.jpgA Tribute to My Father
I want to pay tribute to my father who instilled a love for music in me as a child. During the Great Depression he use to "ride the rails" (freight trains for those of you who have never heard that term) and worked and played music in the CCC camps. He wrote his own music, as well as played songs by Jimmy Rogers, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams, and many other country classics. I lost interest in his music when was around 11 and started doing the "rock" thing. By the time I was 15, I was playing with guys that were between 22- 35. Before he died, I started to appreciate his music, so had the chance to "jam" with him several times. He was killed in a tragic accident when I was 23 years old.....
My dad started his own one-man-band as you can see in this picture. He played his 1950 Martin D-28, slide steel with his feet, and had a set of drums rigged up to his arm that could do an assortment of beats depending how he moved his arm. Then he had a stack of harmonicas to go along. He did concerts at the local university in the town where I grew up. I started playing that slide steel when I was 6-years old!