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If you have an interest in one of my guitars, shoot me an email. Please only do this if your serious about making a purchase. I am often out of the USA with my work so there could be a delay in getting back with you. I also buy guitars. My Email is:

Below are a few guitars that I have for sale. You will see I also sell custom built guitars that are "One-Off" with Custom Shop quality at a lot less $$. Some samples are seen in my SOLD SECTION  and on my page dealing with my Custom Built Guitars.  You will sometimes see an (ON HOLD) on a guitar. These means a person of interest has send a down payment and will be purchasing the guitar shortly. I can email you a complete description of condition on any guitar—every detail, what comes with it, and what type of case it has—just email me. OR you can click on the active links to my FaceBook account to see a lot of BIG pictures accompanied with a detailed description. You do not need a Facebook account to look at the pictures. CHECK BACK FROM TIME TO TIME AS I HAVE A LOT MORE THAT WILL BE LISTED SOON - maybe even some old Gibsons!

NOTE, I do this as a hobby so I am not going to be a "salesman" trying to clinch a deal with you! ;-) I really don't care if I sell anything, so no pressure - no nonsense. Almost all of my used guitars are taken apart, cleaned, inspected, re-assembled, and then carefully adjusted to play properly. Why take a chance at getting something not represented honestly off eBay or Reverb? And people are asking ridiculous prices for junky guitars with big chips and dings! That will not happen with me. If you are interested in any of these, just shoot me an email and we can discuss a possible sale. I am also open to offers. Also shipping is not included in the sale price.

How I rate the condition of my guitars (A MUST READ!): First off, don't you just love it when you see an older guitar advertised as: "In MINT Condition!" Then they go on to list all the fret board peeling, dings and dents the guitar has! Then they say something like, "Of course, none of this affects the playability of the guitar!"  To me "mint" means untouched and uncirculated—like not gigged or played hardly at all. But after stating that, The Blue Book of guitars is a bit less picky and says this about collectible guitars: "98% - Mint, 9.8 - Only very slightly used and/or played very little - may have minor "case" wear or very light dings on exterior finish only, without finish cracking, very close to new condition, also refers to a currently manufactured instrument that has previously sold at retail, even though it might be unplayed."

I perfer to say, New Old Stock would be mint but according to the Blue Book of Guitars, most of my guitars would be MINT! LOL!!! I have rarely seen a "use" guitar that was truly in mint/unplayed condition! The point is, I am too OCD to say that about a guitar, unless it is true. If I say a guitar is "near mint" that will mean it is as nice as most new guitars you would see hanging in a music store. Also, in my fanatical way of doing things I might add a + or a - to a condition. Like "Excellent -" better than "very good" condition but not quite "Excellent"!

MINT CONDITION: Like New Old Stock - basically unplayed condition.
Is rated around a 9.8 or higher out of a 10, meaning it is like brand new but has a some very, very light play wear, usually some very light impression(s), or a small nick, etc.
EXCELLENT: Is rated around a 9.5 or higher out of a 10. It might have a one or two micro-blemishes, WHAT MOST PEOPLE CALL MINT.
VERY GOOD: Is rated around a 8.5 or higher out of a 10. It might have a few very light bumps or dings but will have a high gloss, every part cleaned, and everything functioning as it should.
GOOD: Is rated around 8.0 or higher out of a 10. Rarely will you see me sell a guitar in this condition. My OCD ways just can't do it... ;-).


Take time to look at Some of the Guitars that have SOLD! 

Also read a few of my a BUYER REVIEWS!


I have two "selling" sections for your consideration.

One is GUITARS FOR SALE (See directly below) or Guitar Parts & Ultra Pickguards


Guitars For Sale

This Page is Always Kept Current - Last Update 01-18-2018

MORE COMING SOON!!! I have some nice ones coming up! Keep Watching!!!!


1998 FENDER NATURAL ASH STRATOCASTER PLUS DELUXE: Condition: NEAR MINT. Email me for details & go to my FACEBOOK Page to see a lot of BIG pictures including under the hood! The Strat Plus series ended in 1998. This one has a 1997 serial number but the neck and body dates are stamped April of 1998 - putting it in the era among some of the very last Strat Plus’ to leave Fender. So not only is this one a beautiful natural Ash bodied Strat Plus DX with a nice dark Rosewood fret-board, it is a piece of history. I have always loved ASH with a Rosewood fretboard as it looks sooooo good!! This guitar, being a Strat Plus DX, features Blue, Silver and Red Lace Sensor pickups. The neck is near perfect and the back has some interesting "bird's eye" in a few places in the grain. See and read more on my Facebook page! In fact the whole guitar is near mint with the exclusion of two very small, pinhead sized, dimple dings above the input jack. Most likely from the tip of a guitar cable missing the mark! The fret show no sign of wear and the high gloss body has some gorgeous grain! Comes with some paperwork and a near mint Strat Plus DX hard shell case. PRICE: $1325 + shipping


1993 FENDER VI CRIMSON BURST STRATOCASTOR PLUS: Condition: NEAR MINT. Email me for details & go to my FACEBOOK Page to see a lot of BIG pictures including under the hood! This is one of my favorite colors in the RARE version I Crimson Burst. In 1993 Fender made the transition from this type of Crimson Burst to one that has metal-flake around the edges. The VI is a non-metallic blood red color is similar to the Lip Stick red they used in 1993 onward, BUT with a transparent burst that shows the grain, however so subtly, through the finish. This version is pretty rare being made for a short time. The guitar is near mint. The neck was made by Chavez who later went on to work in Fender's Custom Shop. I could only find a couple micro-scratches on the lower edge-side of the body. Other than that minty. The neck has a couplevery faint edge dings on the back, hard to see and really can not be felt. The frets are excellent. Comes with a like brand new Fender Flight Case. PRICE: $1350 + shipping (SOLD!!!!)


2017 XHEFRI SIGNATURE SURF GREEN CUSTOM SHOP STRATOCASTER: Condition: BRAND NEW. Email me for details & make sure to go to my FACEBOOK PAGE to see a lot of BIG pictures, under the hood, and the build process! This is the Xhefri's Signature Custom Stratocaster. Vintage look, modern features, highly flamed maple neck on a vintage contoured Surf Green body. Custom Shop quality for less $$$!!! And man, this guitar has vintage vive with sweet, low action—all with no hum! The neck is outstanding with a Standard Thin C shape, sporting a Compound Radius (10-16"), and a Scale of: 25-1/2" with 22 Frets. It also has a Graph Tech nut. This wiring setup is killer. I never care for the overly bright vintage sound of 1950s Strats (reissue or otherwise). This combo is full but still has sparkle but with warm, rich tones and all dead quite, with no hum. The bridge had a heavy Callaham block with the Callaham bent steel saddles. The guitar sustains wonderful.

The pickguard is wired with a set of Lindy frail Vintage Hot pickups. Set up with a Blender Pot which gives the ability to blend all 3 pickups. By choosing either position #2 or #4 the Blender Pot will mix the pickups. I have heard about this feature before and thought it sounded like a gimmick—till I tried it! This feature add some nice new tones to a Strat, while one can also have all those Vintage Strat tones. The bridge pickup has a Lindy Fralin steel Baseplate. This increases the power and bass of the bridge pickup.

Another interesting feature that will be used on this guitar is a Ilitch Back Plate Noise Canceling System (BPNCS). This system stops single coils 60-cycle noise. Several guitar companies offer this system on some of there guitars—SUHR, G&L S 500, Tom Anderson, PRS 305, Knaggs, Severn, Reverend and James Tyler just to name a few. Comes with a brand new vintage looking light tweed "thermal" form-fitting case! PRICE: $1650 + shipping


2017 XHEFRI SIGNATURE GRAFFITI YELLOW CUSTOM SHOP POWER TELE #2: Condition: BRAND NEW. Email me for details & go to my FACEBOOK Page to see a lot of BIG pictures, the build process, and more details! This is a XHEFRI's signature guitar in Graffiti Yellow—a Power Telecaster. I am not too excited about selling this, as the guitar plays and sounds amazing and it really does it all! Custom Shop quality for less money! A top grade boutique guitar—try to find anything like this anywhere. It has the tummy, arm, and neck socket contours. I built one almost identical to this that I sold to a guy in Australia. He said it is a serious weapon of choice! (Look down farther on this page to see it. His did not have the neck contour like this one, and the body was a used Basswood body from a MIJ Fender DX Tele. The one I am selling has a brand new custom ordered Warmoth body made of alder.) This has 3 Seymour Duncan Hot Rails pickups—two Strat (in white - neck and middle) and black Tele bridge. The neck is a custom made Clapton V shape Telecaster neck in a nice creamy vintage tint which looks super nice on this color of body! It has a compound radius of 10-16” with 22 medium jumbo frets sporting a soft V shape similar to the Clapton Strats. Super low action and very comfy. The 5-way Super switch with position #3 being neck+bridge like a standard Tele. Has a .18 Brownie Capacitor and a 500K no-load tone control. Turn it to 10 and it bypasses the tone control all together so you get full power of the pickups. The mini-switch has 2-positions which split the coils on the stacked humbuckers. Go from vintage Tele/Strat tones to a powerhouse with the stacked humbuckers—thus called a POWER TELE!!!! Comes with a brand new thermal form fitting case. PRICE: $1650 + shipping


2016 FLAMED FENDER TELECASTER CUSTOM: Condition: BRAND NEW! Go to my FACEBOOK Page to see a lot of BIG pictures including the wiring and build process!) This is another of my custom builds—Custom Shop quality— at a much lower price. See if you can find any Telecasters as cool and functional as this at any music store. It is a wonderful, harmonic, resonate Telecaster! Highly flamed Warmoth AAA split maple top in a Tobacco Burst finish on a mahogany body with a transparent brown back. The mahogany has some really nice grain in it as well. Do take time to look at all the pictures on my FaceBook page. This comes with Custom Shop type 5-way super-switching, with all new components.

The humbucker in the neck is a Seymour Duncan HS-2N “Jazz.” This is one of my favorite pickups, which is a very versatile humbucker that will work for almost any style of music. Great harmonics, and matches well with the bridge pickup, which is a Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder. Lots of punch and bite form this overwound pickup with fat pole pieces. Used tradition vintage Tele tone wiring with upgraded parts. Tone knob is a 500k No-load with a .033 Cap. The bridge plate has adjustable Wilkinson barrels that angle for precision intonation mounted on a cool engraved Gotoh plate. This has a brand new 2016 Fender American Standard Telecaster C-Shaped rosewood neck with chrome Schaller/Fender locking tuners, complete with hang-tag!

These pickups compliment each other really well. The bridge has a honk/funk tone that I love, and the neck can go from sweet and full to rough and tough when pushed with gain—all with no jaggy edges. The switching is a cool Custom Shop trick using a Fender Super Switch. Here is how it works: Position #1: is the bridge PU alone, creating a more traditional Tele sound but with more power, with a bit more mid-range and bottom end. Position #2: is the bridge PU with the neck PU split into a single coil (tapped), creating a more tradition Tele neck/bridge sound. Position #3: is the bridge PU together with the neck PU operating as a full humbucker. This creates a unique sound, which is a richer and fuller. A Gibson/Telecaster hybrid! Position #4: is just the neck humbucker by itself, split (tapped) to create more of a sweet Telecaster neck tone. Position #5: is the full neck Humbucker—delivering a Les Paul type tone. Also comes with BRAND NEW PLUSH TWEED THERMAL CASE! SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $1575 + shipping


1989 FENDER FROST RED STRATOCASTER PLUS: Condition: NEAR MINT+. Email me for details & go to my FACEBOOK Page to see a lot of BIG pictures including under the hood! Bright! Frost Red was a very bright Candy Apple Red that had a short production life of about 2.5 years. Introduced in 1989 and ended the first part of 1991. This is an early 1989 with a neck date of May 30th. The guitar is like brand new—in fact I have seen worse hanging in music stores. The lettering on the pickups is near perfect which is amazing as those are the first to go with use. There is still some factory finish on the frets, which is also usually gone after being played. The finish on the fretboard is good. No real dings to mention. No cracks in the neck sockets are pick marks on the guitar. Comes with all the Strat Plus appointments. Has a tremsetter in the back. The guitar has low action with no buzzing and is set up with .09s. Not much more to say other than NICE! Comes with the original Fender DX Rectangular Flight Case with Trem bar, Strap Locks, and some misc papers. PRICE: $1425 + shipping (SOLD!!!!)


1996 BLUE BURST FENDER TELECASTER PLUS VII ANNIVERSARY MODEL: Condition: EXCELLENT+. Email me for details & go to my FACEBOOK Page to see a lot of BIG pictures and for more details! This is a very nice version II Telecaster Plus in a nice Blue Burst color. This color is similar to the Blue Pearl Dust used on some Strat Plus guitars but with a transparent blue in the center allowing the beautiful Ash grain to show through. The body appears to be solid Ash.The VII Tele Plus' were made for 3 short years and were the beginning of the Deluxe Telecaster series, sporting white ivory bound top and a nice tummy cut. It has Gold Lace flavored pickups: Tele neck pickup, A Chrome Dome Strat in the middle and a Gold Tele Bridge pickup. It comes with standard Strat 5-way switching so you get those cool Strat tones + Tele tones + plus one cool mini-switch that turned the bridge pickup on when you are in the neck position on the 5-way switch. This gives you the standard Tele neck + bridge tone. Switch to position #4 and all 3 pickups are on! Comes with a Fender Red Label form fitting case with original strap and strap locks. PRICE: $1675 + shipping (SOLD!!!!)


1997 CRIMSON BURST FENDER TELECASTER PLUS VII: Condition: MINT. Go to my FACEBOOK Page to see a lot of BIG pictures! Here is a dead mint, hard to find, VII Telecaster Plus in Crimson Burst. The grain on the Ash body shows through the finish, top and back. Really nice! These were some of the finest Telecasters Fender ever built and were comparable to Fender's Custom Shop in build quality. The cool aged creamy colored pearl pickguard matches perfect with the creamy color binding. The Version 2 Tele Plus’ were wired like a Strat but had a mini-switch that, when selecting the neck pickup, one can add the bridge as well. Go to position #4 and use the mini-switch to turn on all 3 pickups. This guitar has seen almost no playing. No cracks, chips, or scratches. All you see is reflections in this nearly unplayed guitar. The neck is beautiful and the frets are like new. Lovely guitar! Comes with a MINT Fender Deluxe PLUS Case. PRICE: $1850 (SOLD!!!!!)


1993 -1994 FENDER VINTAGE WHITE STRATOCASTER PLUS: Condition: MINT- . Email me for details & go to my FACEBOOK Page to see a lot of BIG pictures, more details, and a peek under the hood! This is one of my favorite colors! Vintage White. The serial number indicates it is a 1993 but the date on the butt end of the neck shows August 1st, 1994. The body date stamp says August 23rd. Typical Fender serial numbers! Oh, BTW, the neck was built by Hector Montez, of later Custom Shop fame. In the early 1990s he built a lot of the signature Strats as well. This guitar is like new with the exception of four small pen-head sized marks on the back of the neck. The lettering on the Gold Lace pickups is perfect. Nice dark Rosewood fretboard looks great against the creamy Vintage White. No scratches, cracks or dings. All the Strat Plus appointments, of course! Has all the case candy an a "like new" Strat Plus Deluxe case! PRICE: $1425 + shipping (SOLD!!!!)


1988 FENDER E4 CANDY APPLE RED STRATOCASTER PLUS: Condition: NEAR MINT. Email me for details & go to my FACEBOOK Page to see a lot of BIG pictures, for more details and a peek under the hood! These 1987 to early 1988 Strat Plus guitars are becoming more and more collectible. The nice ones are being picked up pretty quickly. This one has a build date of May 3rd on the body and May 12th on the neck, both in 1988 but sports the E4 serial number! The body is dead mint! I love the way the Candy Red shines out on the edges! This one has very dark rosewood on the fretboard, which looks sweet against the red. The back of the neck is clean, frets are great, and no pick scratches to speak of on the pickguard. The guitar has not seen much playing at all. It has all the Strat Plus appointing‚ which I do not need to reiterate on… if you know - you know! LOL! Comes with with a BRAND NEW Gator hardshell case with keys. . PRICE: $1325 + shipping (SOLD!!!!)


2017 XHEFRI #1 CUSTOM GRAFFITI YELLOW POWER TELECASTER: Condition: BRAND NEW. Go to my FACEBOOK Page to see a lot of pictures including under the hood! This Power Telecaster is XHEFRI’s #1 personal logo guitar. I have more on the way. Custom Shop build for less $! This has the Tummy and arm contours. 3 Seymour Duncan Hot Rails pickups. Two Strat (white) and Tele bridge. The neck is a custom made Clapton V shape Telecaster neck! It will has a compound radius of 10-16” with 22 medium jumbo frets with a soft V shape just like the Clapton Strats. The 5-way switch works like on any Strat but the mini-switch has 3-positions. Down: It splits the coils on ALL the pickups giving the guitar a more vintage Tele/Strat tone. Middle: The pickups are running as mini-humbuckers. More punch. Fatter tones and more crunch in the bridge. Up: All the pickups are ALL on, BUT the 5-way switch now acts like a blender. In the neck position, all the pickups are on BUT the neck is putting out the most power. Flip the switch to the bridge and then the bridge pickup is putting out most of the volume, but still all 3 pickups are running. Some cool stratty tones. Come with a like new tweed thermal Telecaster case. PRICE: $1600 (SOLD!!!!)


1991 FENDER CRIMSON FROST STRATOCASTER DELUXE: Condition: MINT. Email me for details & go to my FACEBOOK Page to see a lot of BIG pictures and for more details! This color is often mistakenly called Crimson Burst. I explain the difference between the two on my website. Anyhow, this was one the very first VII DX made from a solid piece of ASH with a very gorgeous Crimson Frost finish. This color was ofter a short 2.5 years, from 1990-mid 1992. Actually pretty rare, especially in this condition. This is a one owner guitar, bought in 1991 and only played a few times. Frets, neck, and body are like brand new. No scratches, cracks or dings. Like new! The guitar is gorgeous...oh, did I mention gorgeous?? The neck was made by Hector Montes, who later worked in Fender's Custom Shop. I have seen his name on a lot of the Signature guitars of this same era, so he must have been given the task of doing the "nice ones"! The Ash grain shows through very subtly. I know the guitar is solid ash as one can look in the neck socket and see the pronounced grain showing. Wish I would have had better lighting to shoot the pictures. Dark rainy day so very little natural light coming in. This has all the VII DX features like Wilkinson roller nut, Shaller locking tuners, Blue, Silver and Red Lace Sensor pickups. The letting on the pickups is perfect. Not much else to say about this guitar—nice!. Comes with the original Fender Deluxe flight case with pop-in tremolo arm, polishing cloth, some tools, and some paperwork. . PRICE: $1475 + shipping (SOLD!!!)


1992 TORINO RED ERIC CLAPTON SIGNATURE STRATOCASTER: Condition: NEAR MINT. Email me for details & go to my FACEBOOK Page to see a lot of BIG pictures and for more details! These older Version II Eric Clapton Stratocasters with the Gold Lace pickups are getting harder and harder to find, especially in this condition. This one was played a very little. Body is spotless. Comes complete with the Clapton Kit, paperwork, hang-tag, manuals, and stickers. It has all the cool features of the VII EC, with Gold Lace Sensors, 25dB Boost, V shaped neck and Vintage tuners. The bridge is decked and a piece of oak wedged in the back of the tremolo block just like Eric specified! It even has the original foam around the newly installed 9vt battery. Bottom tone control is the boost, which really fattens up the tone when turned toward 10. This guitar plays super nice, as a signature guitar should. Has the original Fender Flight case—sometimes called the Deluxe case, which is in excellent condition. Also Hang Tag, all the paperwork, basically the whole "Clapton Kit" that came with the guitar! PRICE: $1775 + shipping (SOLD!!!)


1988 FENDER DUSTY ROSE STRATOCASTER PLUS: Condition: NEAR MINT. Go to my FACEBOOK Page to see a lot of BIG pictures including under the hood! This is a much coveted color for Strat Plus—Dusty Rose. It is one of the Holy Grail of the pastel colors and very hard to find, at least in really nice condition like this one. It is offset by a nice dark rosewood fretboard. The frets are excellent. This was made July 28th, 1988. It has all the Plus appointment, Wilkinson Roller Nut. Very clean guitar. The body is near spotless. I found 2 or 3 faint impressions the size of a pin head that are really hard to even find. Not really into the finish but, hey, I am OCD. Two small spots and a small light rubbed are from a guitar hanger under the headstock. No neck socket cracks, dents or scratches. I tried to get these things to show in the picts but hard to see. Comes with trem bar and the original hard shell Fender case. PRICE: $2100 + shipping (SOLD!!!!!!)


1993 FENDER ANTIQUE BURST STRATOCASTER ULTRA: Condition: NEAR MINT+++. Go to my FACEBOOK Page to see a lot of BIG pictures!) This is a lovely Antiques Burst Fender Ultra that is Near Mint +++. Body is spotless. Totally stock. This one has a highly flamed split-piece maple top and back. It has the Ultra appointments such as chrome Schaller locking tuners and the mini-Floyd bridge and a dark EBONY fretboard with real Abalone inlays. Fender did not offer ebony on very many of their production guitars. Now dark black Ebony is very rare, as what you find on these guitars. These also have that cool Ultra switching using a 5-way super switch that mixed the neck + bridge on position #3 and the 3-way mini-switch that can give you a lot of variations on the bridge Dually. Read about this switching in details on my Ultra page! Also comes with plush Fender black Tolex Deluxe Case. PRICE: $1925 + shipping (SOLD!!!!!!)




Take time to look at Some of the Guitars that have SOLD! AND Guitar Parts & Ultra Pickguards For Sale



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Smiley face

I just want to let people know Jeff is not telling the truth about his guitars! I have received 8 Strats, 1 Teles and 1 custom build… they were not how he described them! They were 10 times better!!!! Beautiful action, mint condition, and with a bit of luck and God willing, I will get 8 more from this gentleman! – Des from Kiama, Australia.




Turns out I’m in love with a 26-year old --- strat ultra custom! This guitar has so many nuanced tones available that I am still exploring, but I can tell you that it plays and sounds just unbelievably great. The density of the ash body makes for a resonance that I can feel as well as hear. The pickups and electronics bring a new dimension but retain modes that harken back to single-coil Fender sounds when I want that. All in all, one fine electric guitar. — Jay from Pittsburg, PA



Hi, I picked up the guitar yesterday at German customs and have been playing almost the whole rest of the day! Really, really nice instrument, beats the other Ultra I own. Thanks a lot!—Michael from Germany.



Hey Jeff! I wanted to let you know that I received the instrument and it is in incredible condition. I wanted to thank you so much for this guitar, I fell in love with it instantly and I am so grateful for all the care you put into packaging—never seen that much care even from amazon or eBay. I hope to do business with you again soon. - Stephan in Quebec, Canada.

This transaction with Jeff couldn't have gone any smoother. Firstly, he agreed to sell a quite rare and pristine Strat Plus to me that he probably would rather have kept. But the guitar had sentimental value to me and Jeff appreciated that. I offered a healthy price for it, but he countered with a LOWER amount, insisting that the guitar, while very nice, was worth less than my offer - now that's some integrity! He packed it well and shipped it quickly, going out of his way to ensure that the package spent minimum time on the UPS truck amid fluctuating temperatures. When the guitar arrived, it was in even better condition than I expected and it was setup perfectly. Don't ever buy a used guitar, especially a Strat Plus, from anyone else. Jeff is not only the preeminent authority on those guitars; he's also a very fair dude. - Anthony in San Diego, California.

Jeff... I got the guitar... what a beautiful guitar... It plays really nice and sounds awesome... I cant seem to stop playing it... Or looking at it!!!! There is so much cool going on with it... The body, the neck, the pickups, you did a great job of picking the components and an awesome job putting it together... Great job on the wiring too (I took a sneak peek)... Its dark sounding but bright too... And articulate... Hard to explain... But clean with a little chorus and a tidge of delay it is beautiful sounding... And it sounds great with gain too... Its just a cool guitar... ;-) — Pete, a return buyer in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Wow!! That's all I can say Jeff. Arrived late last night, had a quick look at the guitar and this morning, tuned it, played it, and I'm chuffed as mint balls. You described it as it is, the best Fiesta red I've seen. Thanks again, keep in touch. Kind regards. — Tony, United Kingdom.


Smiley face

I have had a Les Paul since 1982 and have always wanted to have a Strat. I finally reached a point where I could spoil myself a little and after some research I discovered Xhefri’s web site and kept an eye on it for several months. I finally saw 2 of the sexiest Strat Custom Ultras I have ever seen and ended up buying both. These guitars are not only eye candy but are high quality instruments like my Gibson, that played very well and virtually do not go out of tune. They each have their own personalities and I am happy I purchased both. Jeff is a great guy to deal with and my beauties arrived in premium cases and were extremely well packaged for shipping. If you are looking for a top shelf Strat at a very fair price I would highly recommend waiting for the right one to show up on Xhefriguitars.com.—David, South Dakota



I got my deluxe custom Strat Plus with the humbucker and an extra switch for a lot of combination of tones, and its a dream! So many sounds, variation that are ez to switch. Far more versatile than the Les Paul. Dealing wit Jeff was great. So ez. Custom packing and case. It all worked out great with my travels in/out of the country. The guitar made it to Florida then to Dubai; then on to Saudi. Perfect! It will next take a journey to Thailand! What to get next !! — Ed who works in various places world-wide.



Smiley face The rating system Jeff has is the real deal. I’ve seen guitars on display at stores that are new that have more wear than the '96 guitar I purchased from Jeff. The guitar was also extremely well packed for shipment and everything went perfect with the shipping. If you are like me, once you buy a guitar from Jeff you will be reluctant to buy a guitar on-line from anyone else. —Jim, Cary Illinois



Smiley face I bought ”Jennifer” (is what I named her) from Jeff (xhefri). She looks gorgeous and plays beautifully. ”Jennifer” is a solid piece of work and a great axe that suits me both as a touring and a recording musician. I visit Jeff´s website once a month to check what he´s working on, and also to see if there´s something for me. — Ketil Stokkan, Norway (www.ketilstokkan.no).



I just wanted to let you know that I received the Strat, no signs of abuse from the post office…It’s beautiful, I love it! Feels good, sounds great, perfect. Thank you very much Jeff, it was a pleasure dealing with you and everything was as you said it would be; I don’t want to be too negative but that’s very unusual these days!! Oh, and thanks for t-shirt! … I look forward to doing this again! — Brian, Canada.



I have purchased a lot of guitars from Jeff over time and wouldn't consider dealing with anyone else. The descriptions are accurate and the guitars top notch. I am a fanatic with my guitars and always thought I was a bit OCD but Jeff matches me for his love of his guitars as well. I often wonder how he can sell the ones he does as they are so nice. Deal with confidence as the guitars are actually better than Jeff describes. — Bob, Australia.



Smiley face If you live in 2014, there's only two possibilities to buy a guitar from 1996 in new condition, perfectly setup and even modified for speed and sound: Go get yourself a time machine, dress the part and find a good shop / luthier after you made the trip 18 years to the past. Or just stay in your own time, go to xhefriguitars.com, pick the guitar you want and let Jeff do the time machine thing. Because he must have one - a guitar almost 20 years old can not look that good any other way. Super clean, hang tags included, plays like a dream! — Roland, Germany



Smiley face I purchased a 97 Black and Red Strat Plus with the upgraded pick guard and wiring to a Plus Ultra. I have owned other Plus guitars in the past and this is the nicest of all that I have owned. Jeff's attention to detail and honesty is a rare find today. His personal attention and quick shipping was the icing on the cake. I can highly recommend his craftsmanship, knowledge and ease of doing business with. Thank you Jeff for such a great buying and playing experience. — Bill, New York City


Smiley face Jeff was very easy to deal with and made sure we talked on the phone before the sale was final which assured me that he was a stand up guy. The Guitar is awesome and in absolutely perfect condition, just as described. I would not hesitate to buy another guitar from Jeff in the Future. I play this guitar several times a week at Times Square Church in NYC. The service is broadcast live in over 150 countries and has a congregation of around 2,000 each service. The guitar has not let me down once. — Nick Kellie Guitarist and Composer, New York City



Smiley face Jeff was great to work with. Very knowledgeable, friendly and honest. Guitar was exactly as he and the pictures described. I'll be buying another from him! — Pete from Albuquerque, New Mexico.




Smiley face The guitar arrived just fine - nice packing. Also looks exactly as described, and I played it this morning and it sounds great. You are right about the color -- that blue you see in the photographs really looks different under light -- green happens to be my favorite color so it is a nice surprise. Thanks - maybe we can do some more business later. — Dale in North Carolina.



Smiley face The '89 Strat Plus Dlx v1 (Silver/Silver/Blue) arrived in great shape, just as Jeff had described it. Jeff went to great length to describe two tiny dings on the guitar, which I never would have noticed in the first place. The guitar was set up nicely (he adjusted it for me from 9's to 10's) and plays true. That's not to mention anything of the sound - it's unreal. The silvers provide a classic strat tone with a touch more mids (to my liking) and the blue bridge position gives that Gilmour type sustain - a great combination. I took it into Gryphon Strings in Palo Alto, CA - a well respected local shop - to deck the trem, and the guitar tech simply couldn't get over how well the guitar played. I have a new favorite guitar! If you are looking for a Strat plus, look no further - Jeff is your guy. — Jeffrey, Palo Alto, California.


Smiley face This guitar came on like a shock. It's not how Jeff described it on his website. It's even better!!! This is simply the most versatile guitar I ever had in my hands, it's like Jekyll and Hyde, a Gibson trapped in the body of a Strat. And it looks even better in real life than it looked on the pictures, no nicks, no wear - it must have been in a deep freeze for the last 17 years. Yes - this Blues Machine is seventeen, but nothing like in-between! With Jeff's modifications this is the Ultimate Strat, the guitar Fender never dared to built. 11 on a ten scale. I love it! — Roland, Germany


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Guitar Parts & Ultra Pickguards For Sale

These Ultra pickguards are cut to the exact specifications of Fender’s Ultra and Custom Shop pickguards. Fender use to offer these in White/Black/White and Vintage Pearl. I am offering, White/Black/White, Aged White Pearl, Parchment (off-white), and Black/Red/Black. See the above picture to get an idea of how the different color relate to each other. PLEASE NOTE, unlike other S/S/H pick guards, the Ultra pickguard is cut different and WILL NOT WORK on a Fender Strat with a standard S/S/H route. The reason is: 1) the middle pickup on an Ultra is centered perfectly between the bridge and the neck pickups, whereas a Standard S/S/H pick guard has the middle pickup closer toward the bridge pickup. All American Standard, Strat Plus, and Ultra guitars of the 1980s-1990s had swimming pool routes, 2) The bridge route is designed for the Lace Sensor Dually pickup using a 3-hole mount, & 3) there is a mini-switch hole drilled beside the two tone control knobs. Again these are cut to fender factory specifications.

White/Black/White Ultra pick guard with Tremolo cover: $48.00 + shipping

Parchment (aged looking off-White/Black/White) Ultra guard with Tremolo cover: $48.00 + shipping

Red/Black Red Ultra guard with Tremolo cover: $48.00 + shipping

Aged White Pearl Ultra guard with Tremolo cover: $63.00 + shipping

My Email is: