I had to blow away my old Guest Book and install this NEW GUEST BOOK! The bummer was, the old guest book had a host of professional and well known musicians, plus guitar collectors who had signed it over the years. The new guest book is Spam protected, so you can enter your email. You just need to answer a simple question and enter the security code. I wanted to protect all of you from those Web Spiders who steal email address'!

Through eBay and off my website, I have sold guitars to pro-players, such as Steve Cropper, David Loggins and other recording artists, working musicians, as well as home pickers!  When you sign my guest book a email is automatically sent to me. I sometime leave an answer on the guest book or will email you back. Anyhow, take time to sign-in and make a comment on my secure NEW GUEST BOOK!

If you want to ask a question, PLEASE take time to read carefully the page representing your guitar. I get a lot of email. So if you wonder if your guitar is a Strat plus or a Strat Plus DX, just check out the pages as it is very clear! ;-) If you want to contact me direct my email address is: