Fender MIJ Telecaster Thinlines

This #1 of my Thinlines. This is a Mint example of some of the very first MIJ guitars built at the Japanese Fugi Gen Gakki factory in the mid 1980. This is a solid Mahogany 1985 MIJ Fender 1969 Telecaster Thinline Reissue. Completely original except the electronics which has been wired similar to a Telecaster Plus. The craftsmanship on this high gloss Mahogany body in unprecedented. The grain is stunning as seen in the pictures. The body is chambered on the upper bout with an F-hole and also inside the area where the controls are located. Thus it is lightweight, resonant, and produces a unique Tele sound. Every detail of the body and neck is like a 1969 Fender Thinline. The serial number for the early model MIJ guitars, especially re-issues,are located on the bridge, under the pickup. Later models have the serial numbers on the heel of the neck by the body. CLICK HERE and go to the bottom of the page to get the dates/serial numbers of MIJ and CIJ guitars.


The neck beautiful Maple laminated on Maple
with nice grain running the whole length. This Tele has a USA Fender 3 switch, Fender Volume control and is wired with a new Fender TBX tone system. This control cuts either treble or bass instead of the standard style of tone that cuts treble only, thus = T (treble) B (bass) X (Cut). When you turn this knob, you can feel a halfway point. Thus you have more control over your tonal range with each pickup. The pickups are the Lace Sensor Plus Pack The Tele Plus Pack is a calibrated set similar to the Lace Pickups that came out on the high-end Fender Tele Plus Series in the 1990’s. The neck pickup is a Lace Sensor TN-100 This has all the traditional vintage tone and clarity, with more power, but without the noise. Smooth attack, glassy warmth with full sweet sustain and thick, fat characteristics. It is full and rich, yet still has plenty of Tele twang. (It is similar to the Blue Lace Sensor pickup sound). The bridge pickup is a HIGH OUTPUT T-150 LACE SENSOR. The whole bridge assembly was set up to create the traditional vintage Tele tone and clarity but without the noise. Brilliant clarity, bite and attack running at a hot 12.8k resistance, which is 2 times hotter than your stock pickup. It is like having a Red Lace Sensor in the bridge. Danny Gatton styled Brass Saddles not only correct the intonation but also boost sustain.

This is my 2nd Solid Mahogany 1969 Fender Thinline RI which is also a 1985 model (Serial #A072037). The Mahogany grain on this is absolutely stunning. Once again, this Thinline has had all the electronics replaced with USA parts, and has many of the same features of the 1st Thinline. It has the custom shop 4-way switching, US Fender tone and volume controls, and Seymour Duncan pickups which I will explain in a moment. Here is how the switch works:

Position 1) The Bridge PU as on a standard Tele.

Position 2) The Bridge PU and the Neck PU in Parallel as on a standard Tele.

Position 3) The Neck PU as on a standard Tele.

Position 4) The Neck PU and Bridge PU in Series giving a fatter tone as the neck and the bridge become like one spread out humbucker.

This one also has the Fender TBX tone control system. The NECK pickup is a Seymour Duncan (APTL-1) Alnico II Pro. The Alnico Pro pickups were designed to give a a warmer, sweeter tone. The magnets, as Seymour Duncan states, are the musical magnets. Their softer magnetic field provides and eliminates the brittle, glassy sound associated with many of the newer instruments. The result is a freer, more natural string vibration for greater sustain. Really nice tone and performance. The BRIDGE pickup is a Seymour Duncan (APTL-1) Alnico II Pro. This is a match set to go along with the Neck pickup. They are pro pickups that give a rich, full sound, yet retain that true Tele bite and sweet rhythm sound in the neck!

More coming soon......